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Dottorato di ricerca in Filosofia


The joint Florence-Pisa Doctoral School in Philosophy originates from an agreement between the University of Florence and the University of Pisa. It aims to train scholars who, starting from a basic mastery of all areas of philosophy, make original contributions to one or more specific subjects and are, at the same time, able to identify and explore the connections between the contemporary philosophical debate and other disciplines within the humanities and sciences. This purpose is well served by the division into four curricula:


  • History of Philosophy
  • Logic, Philosophy and History of Science
  • Ethics, Politics and Religions
  • Theoretical Philosophy, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Language



The School's administrative basis alternates between the two universities every third year:



The University of Pisa hosts a twin of this website, regularly updated with the same information.

last update: 18-Nov-2019
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